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Theresa prepared me beautifully for a recent surgery by doing healing energy work in the pre-op area. Following surgery she again did healing energy work to help my body rid itself of the surgical chemicals and drugs. I credit her with getting me back to health much sooner than I anticipated.

Susan Clark
Organizational Development & Learning,
Fairview Health Services,
Burnsville, MN


I am passionate about caring for our sacred bodies. I help you to connect with yourself and your body at the deepest level, believing that your body holds infinite wisdom. Through my energy work, I help you connect to and listen to your inner voice.  

Healing energy work
for surgery and
medical challenges

A client comes to me. She’s facing major surgery, one of the scariest prospects in anyone’s life. We talk about it. Together we create a plan. We begin a series of pre-operative sessions in which my gentle healing touch on the various energy centers of her body calms and centers her.

It does more: it begins to turn an alarming medical procedure into a spiritual experience. In our sessions I awaken in her a consciousness of her own power to heal herself, and even of the beauty of the process of transformation that the surgery represents. After the operation, our sessions continue until she is fully healed—in body, mind, and spirit.

I have three decades of experience as a registered nurse and a healer in surgical and hospital settings, so I help her understand and navigate the medical world through which she is passing. Because my own inner work has grounded me in my body, I convey calm and centeredness by my very presence. Thanks to my training in healing touch and other holistic therapies, and many years of experience using them in a hospital setting with pre- and post-operative patients, I balance the energies in her body with a sure hand and an open heart. And because I have had an inner sense of my own power as a healer since I was very young, I communicate confidence, security, and safety.

Come in for a session...

  • We can co-create a healing plan for you if you're facing surgery, other procedures, and treatment.

  • Sessions take place before and after medical and surgical procedures, and are offered in my home-office healing space, at the hospital, or in your home as you recover.

  • I help you empower yourself; you’ll often discover that your health challenge can positively affect other areas in your life.

Healing energy work for other situations

My healing energy work soothes and transforms troubles like painful life transitions, grief, chronic medical conditions, past trauma, and more. I provide a safe container for you to do your own deep healing work.

Another client comes to me. He has no specific “issue”—he simply wants to feel more relaxed, more vital, more present in his own life. Healing energy works for him, too, and it can work for you.

Come in for a session...

  • When you’re feeling blocked or stuck in your life, disconnected from the flow of your spirit

  • When you’re going through transitions at work, in relationships, and elsewhere

  • At the end of your loved one's life, to ease the transition and relieve pain and anxiety

  • When you feel stressed out, frightened or overwhelmed

  • If you’re recovering from addictions

  • When you’re dealing with grief and loss

  • When you’re a caregiver yourself and need support

  • As part of your program of self-care (You don’t have to be in crisis or even have an “issue.”)

The work that I do complements psychotherapy and coaching very well as it releases emotions and thought patterns that are “stored” in the body.

The majority of clients I have assisted have had a similar intention of desiring inner peace and calm.

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