With Theresa, I set my intentions for healing and she aided my body, spirit, and mind to work together so that my body could more effectively heal. Each session was unique as the energy unfolded but I usually felt a deep peace and joy after the session. I felt in touch with my feelings about cancer but the debilitating anxiety was gone.” 

Retired teacher


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About Theresa

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the human body. I noticed at an early age that I was often able to help people achieve a level of calmness where others could not. My path led me into the health care field. In the early 1990’s, after working in both hospital and public health settings, I began to learn about complementary and alternative therapies. It was here that I picked up threads of what had been missing for me in the mainstream medical model, primarily the rich connection between our body, mind and spirit. The word “healer” resonated to my very core. I know this is what drew me into nursing.

I began training  through the Healing Touch program, becoming certified in 1997. While this was my initial foray into the realm of energy medicine, I continued to study over the years with other healers and teachers, developing my unique healing style.

I have integrated a variety of Healing Arts modalities and have been in private practice since 1995. As a nurse (over 30 years) who has specialized in Holistic therapies, I hold a BS in nursing from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (1978) and a Masters Degree in Human Development from St. Mary’s University with an emphasis on counseling, spirituality and energy healing(2000). When my clients began requesting that I accompany them into hospitals and surgery, I used my nursing experience to assist them in navigating the complex medical system and their own strengths to co-create healing plans with them.

 From 1999 through 2009, I worked as a Healing Touch Nurse at St Joseph Hospital at HealthEast. I assisted with and co-authored a published study using Healing Touch with patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery. This developed into a holistic therapies program which I helped to found and administer. 

I assist my clients in achieving a state of balance which is physical, emotional and spiritual. My sessions are mostly done in my home office. I occasionally travel to client’s homes or to the hospital if the need arises.