Client Stories

Steve was feeling stuck and empty in his life and has been working with a therapist on childhood and relationship issues. He was aware that he was “blocked” emotionally and had a sense that energy work could help him. After several sessions, he began to notice how he felt more present in his life and that he had begun feeling emotions such as joy and love and less anger and worry. Overall he reported feeling more aware of where in his body he experiences the block.

Sue came because she was experiencing extreme anxiety. Sue was in an unhealthy relationship. Her initial intention was to become strong enough to leave the relationship in a year’s time. 5 months later, she was able to end the relationship. She continued to work with me as she created transformation and change around her work, health, self care and life purpose.

Betty was referred by another client who was a breast cancer survivor. I initially worked with her to set up a healing plan before her surgery. The plan included energy work with me before and after surgery. Betty had had a negative hospital experience as a child and was quite frightened to undergo surgery. We included healing from this past trauma as part of our intention (goals). Using a healing plan that included energy work, guided imagery, music, affirmations and sacred objects she brought to the hospital she was not only able to sail through her surgery calmly but tapped into an inner strength that sustained her through the chemotherapy and radiation that followed. Betty visited me regularly through her cancer treatment and experienced a minimum of side effects.

Ellen sought me out after having surgery for breast cancer. She requested support throughout her chemotherapy. During our energy balancing sessions, Ellen, who is very visual, was able to use her own imagery to find healing symbols which she incorporated into her life. As time went on, we worked together in this special way as she transitioned through chemo and radiation. During our work together she was able to connect a toxic work environment with her illness and was able to make changes that made her job healthier until she found other work entirely. Because she had experienced trauma during her first cancer surgery, she had me work with her in the hospital (before and after) when she later needed a minor operation.

Mary contacted me to work with her husband Tom, who was terminally ill and on home hospice. During his last weeks, I visited several times a week to provide energy work to balance and align his energy centers.  Tom reported that he felt calm, centered and comfortable after the sessions. Mary was included in Tom’s sessions, often sitting in the room and participating in the guided mediation I did and simply feeling the calm energy in the room. In the days preceding his death, I was able to teach Mary some simple techniques she could do in my absence. She later expressed that she was able to create and maintain a deep connection with Tom as he lost consciousness through the time of his transition, while remaining calm herself.

Shirley had been taking care of her ill and occasionally confused elderly husband for several years. She came for energy work knowing that she needed balancing and calming from all the stress she had been under. After several sessions, she reported having increased energy and renewed excitement in some of the activities she used to enjoy.



Full Testimonials

"Theresa Fricke is a very talented and intuitive healer.  I have been a client of hers for several years now and so appreciate working with her.  Her intentions are impeccable, her healing skills and talents are exceptional and the love she embodies makes the experience meaningful, helpful and very worthwhile.  I recently had surgery and Theresa accompanied me into the pre-op area and did healing touch which prepared me beautifully for the surgery.  Following surgery she again did healing touch to help my body rid itself of the chemicals and drugs of surgery.  Both experiences provided me with excellent outcomes and I credit that work with getting me back to health much sooner than anticipated!  If you have not had healing or energy work before, this is the place to come.  If you have had healing or energy work in the past, this is the person to come to for the best outcomes for you."
Susan Clark, CPCC
Organization Development and Learning
Fairview Health Services


"A close friend recommended that I see Theresa for Healing Touch when I was going through chemotherapy. My body felt under attack from all directions--not just from the cancer but from the chemo. Sessions with Theresa were remarkable in bringing hope and healing. The space she provides is so full of love and light and peace. I trust her completely. During sessions, I could feel my anxiety melting away, along with a reduction in nausea and body aches. I looked forward to that time as a precious gift, and have continued to see Theresa over the years since I have been cancer-free, and I often have referred friends and family members to her."

Jenny Peterson
Philanthropic Advisor


“Theresa guided me through recovery from surgery.  With Theresa, I set my intentions for healing and she aided my body, spirit, and mind to work together so that my body could more effectively heal.  Each session is unique as the energy unfolds but I usually felt a deep peace and joy after the session.  I felt in touch with my feelings about cancer but the debilitating anxiety was gone.  I did feel as Julian of Norwich states that, “All shall be well again, I know.” Energy work with Theresa is also an effective means of releasing hurtful feelings and healing emotional issues.  After being with a friend who died suddenly, with Theresa’s healing work, I was able to remember my friend as the vibrant radiant spirit she is. I definitely recommend Theresa to all who have surgery, chronic health issues, or who want to grow as a person.”


“I've known Theresa for many years as a colleague, co-teacher, healer and dear friend.  Theresa's unique ability to hold deep Peace and Presence allow her clients to relax into a profound experience of physical restoration and enhanced awareness.  I would highly recommend her gentle touch and astute reading of the energy field.”

Jeanne Cherner 
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Barbara Brennan graduate


“Theresa is truly a healer and, so importantly, a wonderful person. She radiates calmness and is fully present with you to do amazing work and deep healing. I found my sessions to be a much needed gift for myself. I was able to release previous traumas and begin a new chapter. I owe that to Theresa’s gifted touch.”



"Theresa has taught me a keener awareness of my body and how to care for it in times of stress. During this session with Theresa, I have learned to feel the flow of energy in my body and to notice where the energy needs to be moved. This process of awareness and movement allows me to feel more relaxed and present in my life."

Mary Cayan
Life Coach


"Theresa is an amazing listener. I can tell her anything, which is a big part of the healing for me. My body immediately relaxes on the massage table and I notice sensations that my brain was too busy to be aware of earlier.  I learn from Theresa's open, loving attitude now to be kind to my body, which is the basis of all my healing going forward."

Laurie Phillips
Business and Career Coach


“Sessions with Theresa helped me at emotionally volatile times with the deaths of my parents and my best friend. Theresa helped to calm and re-align my energy flow so I could meet the challenges brought to my life by each of these deaths. With Theresa’s help, I’ve learned that my body can process and clear potent emotions. This leaves me in a calm, relaxed place to move forward in my life.”

Mary Cayan
Life Coach