Theresa Fricke

I am passionate about caring for our sacred bodies. I can help you to connect with yourself and your body at the deepest level, believing that your body holds infinite wisdom. Through my energy work, you connect to and listen to your inner voice. 

Please contact me for a free consultation via Skype, telephone or email.


“Theresa provides a judgment-free zone of love that allows me to relax and release physical and energetic stress and blocks. From this place I am more able to meet the chaos of life from a calm space.”

Mary Cayan

“I’ve known Theresa for many years as a colleague, co-teacher, healer and dear friend. Theresa’s unique ability to hold deep Peace and Presence allow her clients to relax into a profound experience of physical restoration and enhanced awareness.  I would highly recommend her gentle touch and astute reading of the energy field.”

Jeanne Cherner