Nutritional Supplements & Green Cleaning Products

I have used Shaklee products for over 20 years. I whole-heartedly recommend this company because of its 50 plus year history of research-based credibility and scrupulous screening of purity in their ingredients. In an unregulated industry where anyone can put their label on vitamins and sell them, it is hard to find a company to trust.

I trust and stand by these products. Nutritional consultations with me are free and when combined with a healing sessions are “off the clock."

Nutrition Coaching

Bekah Rieke helps stressed-out folks who are ready for change. She helps them address health, body, and life issues by teaching them how to head into their kitchen, turn on the stove, and cook delicious and healthy food.  Learn how to truly nourish yourself and feel better than you ever have.  This will change your life!

Bekah offers a free initial consultation.


Efficacy of Healing Touch

Download this article that Theresa co-wrote: "Healing Touch in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Recovery," published in ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, Jul/Aug 2008, VOL. 14, NO. 4

Healing Beyond Borders

You can find more information about Healing Touch here.

ProPhysical Therapy

Holistic physical therapy that is covered by most insurances. If you’re recovering from injury or surgery, if you’re having trouble getting your body moving the way you want it to or the way it once did, or if  you feel a loss of energy because movement is an effort—talk to Mike. He has a grounded, calming presence and when you tell him what’s wrong he really listens. He listens not only to understand your main problems, but to catch hints and clues about your body, your lifestyle, and your feelings. This helps him treat not just the pain but the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.


 ...With both Theresa and Mike are now available. Contact Theresa to learn more and to schedule.


“Theresa is truly a healer and, so importantly, a wonderful person. She radiates calmness and is fully present with you to do amazing work and deep healing. I found my sessions to be a much needed gift for myself. I was able to release previous traumas and begin a new chapter. I owe that to Theresa’s gifted touch.”