A close friend recommended that I see Theresa for Healing Touch when I was going through chemotherapy. My body felt under attack from all directions — not just from the cancer but from the chemo. Sessions with Theresa were remarkable in bringing hope and healing. The space she provides is so full of love and light and peace. I trust her completely. During sessions, I could feel my anxiety melting away, along with a reduction in nausea and body aches. I looked forward to that time as a precious gift, and have continued to see Theresa over the years since I have been cancer-free, and I often have referred friends and family members to her.

Jenny  Peterson
Philanthropic Adviser



FREE consultation via Skype, telephone or email. Contact Theresa@TheresaFricke.com or call 952.292.9138 to set up a session. ..............................




For new clients only:
Your first session is $100, your 2nd session is $50

You can start on an Ongoing Client Gift with your 3rd session!

For existing clients:
Come in for 6 sessions at the regular price of $100 and get your 7th session free.


Visits to your home
$100 per session. Travel cost is negotiated at time of booking.


Visits to your hospital or clinic
$100 per hour ($100 minimum).
Travel cost is negotiated at time of booking.

A typical session goes something like this: We spend some time discussing your current life situation and goals. We create an intention for the session. Fully dressed, you then lie comfortably on a massage table. Soft music may be played. I assist in slowing the breathing and occasionally use some guided imagery to assist with relaxation. I then begin to touch specific energy centers (I demonstrate these before beginning) to align and balance energy flow and gently remove any blocks which are ready to be released. I pay close attention to what is going on energetically in your body and adjust my hand placement accordingly. Most people find this very nurturing and relaxing. This is usually done in silence with a little debriefing at the end. It is very subtle work, and you may experience the effects in the days following our session. Some of these effects include an enhanced sense of well being, deeper spiritual connections, increased physical energy, improved relationships, deepening of intuition and pain relief.  Sessions last 75 to 90 minutes. Together, we determine the frequency of subsequent sessions.

Please note: Energy Healing treatments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.